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Growing up with the insatiable desire to perform magic, we know you have bought your fare share of the worst magic gimmicks and props.

Given our experiences with both great magical effects and those that come up short, we have developed a high set of standards that we share with you in our magic product reviews.

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Vintage Magic Posters

You've been there... sorting through tens if not hundreds of magical effects, looking for those rare few to add to your routine... those that are thrilling to your spectators yet have an ease so you can perform confidently.

We look for amazing magic tricks that create an enjoyable and magical dialogue between you and your spectators.

​We thoroughly test every magical effect we offer to ensure it meets our performance and quality standards, and we only sell our favorites. 

Magic Product Reviews

We've done a "Houdini"

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A love of the art of magic includes its history. And what a better way to enjoy the history of magic than to own a piece of it.

Imagine the enlightening performances of the greatest magicians of all time, from the golden age of magic.

Owning a vintage magic poster creates an inspiration to perform.

We proudly own a few rare posters and window cards. We occaisionally buy or sell one, but find it difficult to part with them.