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The Magic of Magic's Product Review Highlights: Sweet by Diamond Jim Tyler | Coin to an Impossible Location Coin Magic Tricks


Perform Coin to Impossible Location Coin Magic

  • Sweet is coin magic in which a spectator’s signed coin is vanished, and then magically transported into a sealed sugar packet. Sweet uses a borrowed coin that is initialed by a spectator. The coin is vanished, seemingly gone for good. Later, a sugar packet that has been in plain view the entire time is torn open and the spectator’s coin is found inside.

  • Sweet is coin magic that isn’t difficult to perform. The method is straight forward and there are no difficult sleights. If you can vanish a coin using a retention vanish or another method, you can perform Sweet.

  • Diamond Jim Tyler teaches you a clever technique and excellent misdirection, making the coin load smooth and uncomplicated. You’ll be miles ahead of your spectators with no heat on the load.

Coin Magic for the Close Up and Table Hopping Performer

  • It’s important to note that Sweet uses time misdirection and is designed to be intertwined with your current close up routine.  This is not a coin magic effect that you’ll want to perform on its own. You’ll vanish the spectator’s coin and perform two or three other effects. Your spectators will momentarily have forgotten about the coin. You’ll then surprise everyone by revealing the initialed coin in a sealed sugar packet.

  • What makes Sweet great coin magic is that you never go near the sugar packet until it’s time to reveal the coin. The spectator can hand you the sugar packets. You don’t need to take them from the table.

  • There are no false moves. Once you have the sugar packets in your hand, the intrigue builds. You look through the sugar packets until you find one with a little something extra. Your spectator will be astonished when they find their initialed coin sealed inside the packet.

Preparation is simple and quick and the reset is fast, making this a worker for the table hopping and the close up performer.

Current rating: 5 (1 ratings)