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Humbug by Angelo Carbone | Stunning Magic Card Tricks

Humbug by Angelo Carbone | Stunning Magic Card Tricks


Angelo Carbone Develops Innovative Card Magic

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Angelo Carbone is a respected inventor of magic illusions and a skilled performer. As a writer he has contributed numerous effects to various magic periodicals worldwide. Angelo also works as a magic consultant and has worked for some of the top names in the magic industry including David Blaine, Derren Brown, Criss Angel, Simon Drake, Marco Tempest, Max Somerset, Dynamo and others. Angelo Carbone’s Humbug is an innovative and stunning magic card trick. As a result of its design and method, Humbug is incredibly deceptive and simple card magic.

Card Magic That Vanishes a Deck Of Cards


Angelo Carbone’s Humbug vanishing deck is a perfect magic card trick to perform in your close up magic routine. The gimmick is well made and invisible to your spectators. With Humbug you are able to vanish a deck of cards in short sleeves.  Humbug doesn’t use pulls or magnets and no sleight of hand is required. The result of this card magic will stun your spectators and their disbelief will be naturally suspended.


A Magic Card Trick with a Surprisingly Astonishing Ending


You start out by asking a spectator to randomly select a card from a shuffled deck. After the spectator places their card back in the deck you tell them you will find their card by only using the sense of touch. Placing all the cards behind your back, you try to locate their card, however you can only seem to narrow it down to three cards. Putting these three cards on top of the deck, you bring the deck back out in front of you. You take the top two cards from the deck asking the spectator if either is their card. Unfortunately, they are not the spectators selected card. Having only one more chance, you instantly and visibly make the deck disappear; leaving only one card in your hand, and it is your spectator's selected card.


Angelo Carbone’s Humbug is an amazingly visual and stunning card that will give your spectators the belief that their truly experiencing real magic.

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